Yoga in the Woods

I’m not a typical yoga teacher. I haven’t practiced my whole life. I don’t abstain from meat or alcohol and at times I harbor a terrible temper. Ten years ago I was close to having a stroke. My temper would spike as would my blood pressure. I was afraid of dying. I had thought about doing yoga for a long time when a passing comment to my hairdresser realized this intention. She looked at me & said. “Wow I just had a girl who walked in to make an appointment. She told me she’s a yoga instructor.” I put it aside. A few days later I received a call. “I hear you want to teach yoga,” the girl started. I told her that I had taught elementary school for 20years, and suddenly I realized that I needed to be a yoga teacher.

At the ashram I was the only student who had never done yoga. I felt a bit foolish. Everyone was talking about famous yoga gurus, raw diets, asanas. I had very little to say; I felt very out of place. But I had invested in this education, so I put aside my doubts and concentrated on learning.

With 10yrs of teaching yoga behind me, I am ready to take it to the Appalachian Trail. My hiking buddy & I have been on some practice hikes. After each hike we do an hour of yoga. I’m amazed at how tight my back is from just walking, without a pack. My father recently reminded me that I’m not a “spring chicken.” I know my only hope of hiking will depend on me keeping up my yoga practice. So it will be my practice whenever time and situation allows. Hopefully there will be a few who wish to join us in trail yoga.

Yoga Mama


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