After A.T. blog-Wood Spirits

GA A.T 161 - Copy (2)GA A.T 161 - Copy (3) GA A.T 162

Once I gained my stride I really began to enjoy my hike. Most of the time I had to concentrate on where my feet were traveling. I’d think this is a sign of old age, however I do recall as a young woman on this same portion of the trail, doing exactly the same thing. Whenever we rested, I became an avid watcher of the woods. It was about the 5th day in that I began to notice the “wood spirits”. Captain Planet was filtering our water, I was looking around and noticed this tree. It looked like a man with his head thrown back laughing, his hands thrown up in the air, fingers splayed, as if to say, “I’d not drink that water if I were you”. I was so taken with this image, too bad I didn’t listen.

It seems my digestive system is not as tolerant as some with regards to water purity.

After this I began to notice these wood spirits everywhere. I also began to photograph them. When I returned home I eagerly looked at my photos hoping the wood spirits were there. To my amazement I couldn’t see them. I thought their messages were lost….till today.


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