of mice & women-blog

Whoever said, “I think mice are rather nice…”, Never had to live with them.

I now know it was the poet Rose Fyleman, but I’m sticking to my original statement

I live in the backwoods of Kentucky and I know the mice out number us at least, 20,000 to one.

My husband, Kevin & I moved into a house which had been “vacant” for a couple of years. A cool cabin which was partially finished, we lived in the basement while completing the rest of the house. That’s when I realized that not only were we living in the woods, but the woods were living with us.

Mice are truly annoying but, we do occasionally get a bit of entertainment from them. One such time I was eagerly waiting for my friends from Florida to arrive. The weather had been delightfully cool and the night before I left the sliding glass doors open with just the screens to protect from bugs. Hailing from FL it was heaven to feel the cool air at night, even in June. I couldn’t wait for my friends to arrive and enjoy this. The next day I frantically cleaned for their arrival. My friend, Nancy, called regularly to let me know their progress. Each time I slowed down enough to talk on the phone, I’d see small movements on the floor. That’s when I realized I’d let in more than cool air the night before. I decided to let her know she might be sharing a room, when I saw the critter run into the guest bedroom. “Oh that’s OK, I’m not afraid of mice”, Nancy replied. Good I thought they can help me get them out. Just at that moment I saw what appeared to be a huge round dust ball scoot across the floor. It had eyes and a small tail. Oh boy, babies. I decided to chalk it up to -when you live in the woods, don’t be surprised if there are wild things living there.

Late that afternoon my friends arrived, mice were firmly forgotten. Nancy and I curled up on the sofa excitedly chatting, while John, her husband, unpacked the car. We were seated fairly close together. All of a sudden I glanced down and saw the “fuzz ball”,

right between us, as if it wanted to join the fun. I really didn’t want to alarm my friend. So I said, in what I thought was a calm voice, “Nancy, just do what I say-stand up”. I guess my voice was too calm. Nancy became alarmed and instead of standing up she put her feet up off the floor. Now this would not have been much of a problem, except Nancy was wearing a short skort outfit. The “fuzz ball” also became alarmed with all the commotion and darted for what it thought would be a safe haven. Nancy stood up then- dancing. The tiny mouse then thrown to the floor, bolted for the nearest door.

John coming in the door ran over scooped up the mouse and took him down to the end of the drive. I believe the mouse beat him back. Alas, “The best plans of mice and men often go awry.” (Robert Burns) Perhaps living with mice is annoying, but every now & then,the drama sometimes makes up for it.

Mother Earth


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