After A.T. Blog-Book Review-“WildWater Walking Club”

After my sleepless night with the book “Bait & Switch”, I decided to find an “Easy Read” book. While perusing the library shelves, I noticed a book that was probably displayed because of its summer themed cover. “The WildWater Walking Club”, by Claire Cook, looked fun enough to help me sleep at night. Much to my surprise it was about corporate downsizing. Oh no, I thought, then I continued and realized this book would not be as depressing. The focus of this book is how being “redundant”-(laid off-bought off-no longer needed) in corporate America, can be used to regain a more natural lifestyle.

At first I thought this book might be too simple, then through walking,the author brought in other characters and delved into the subject of Lavender. It hooked me. Filtered throughout this book are recipes to eat, drink & take a soak in, incorporating lavender. I’m a flower lover. Information in this book inspires me to plant & use lavender.

This is a great “feel good”book to read right now-spring time to walk & time to plant  :).

Mother Earth


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