Energy Flow

I watched Dr. Oz today. He had a segment on “Color Energy”. The general gist was that people react in their own specific way to stimulus. Each reaction has a color associated with it. To determine one’s color, three questions were asked. All the audience had to do was pick the reaction that they would experience to the stimulus in the question. When the questions were shown I picked the same answer each time. Dr. Carol Ritberger, creator of the study, told Dr. Oz that she knew what color he would be.   He asked and she was right. It was yellow, the same as me. She threw out, because you’re a perfectionist. My first thought was, yea but being this can really annoy some people. I let go of that thought when I realized that even someone as special as Dr. Oz, also has this negative side to his personality. This made me think once again how aspects of our personality can be used for self enhancement or run rampant to our detriment. What is able to make me special in this life, is also what can bring me down. Becoming aware of who we are is the first step to engaging and learning to relax in life.

I’m trained in Yoga Nidra (guided meditation). I’ve taught yoga and meditation for 11 yrs. I learned this art from a master, Yogi Amrit Desai.

Over the years I’ve become very proficient delivering Yoga Nidra. During these sessions I’m able to feel and release energy of my own, reacting to the flow of energy emanating from my students. At times I have students who close their minds to this process. It’s funny, but I can feel a static coming from their inability to release control of their thoughts. Oddly enough I know a lot of these students are the same color energy as me; I know just how tough it is for a perfectionist to let go of control. My other students subconsciously also react, thus the energy flow is impeded. Other times with brand new students I don’t feel a flow, but I sense they are open to what is happening, because the energy from the more experienced students is not blocked.

Our mind is such powerful influence over our health, yet we insist on micromanaging our thoughts sending preprogramed reactions rather than stopping, taking a deep breath, assessing what is & reacting to the particular moment. I’m finding that the more I wish to know the information is coming. All I have to do is pay attention.


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