A.T. Vermont

A week or so ago I met up with Captain Planet in Vermont.  She has had some muscular pain.  She thought perhaps a hike without a pack would help loosen it up.  So we slack packed a 10 mile stretch of the A.T.  Now I’ve been off the trail since April, but I felt like I could keep up and that this would be a good test to see if my knee had forgiven me.

Captain Planet figured that with her tight muscle perhaps our walking speed would be closer to the same.  No one was more surprised than me to discover that my gait is still about the same (approx. 2 mph) with or without a 35 lb. pack!

I have reached the conclusion I’m a hopeless lollygagger.  Not that I’m lazy, I’m not.  Rather it has to do with my stopping to watch a butterfly, or a beaver swim across the pond.  I really seem drawn to the waysides all along the A.T.  I love meeting the characters that help preserve this trail.  All seem eager to let you know just how special their particular portion of the trail is. Every time  I meet  a proud (parent ) of the A.T. I agree with them.  Because at that moment -that particular portion of the trail IS the most special to me.  I’m happy to have navigated another 10 miles with my knee raising  no complaint.  Vermont is indeed beautiful country.


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