You see the hut & yet you still ask, “Where do I go for shelter?”

I quit teaching yoga six months ago, doing work to finish our house, that is now for sale. Almost 6 months to the day, I began noticing that all of my toes hurt in the joints. Hum-arthritis…funny for the past 15 years I’ve never had any pain….

Well….I decided to begin practicing yoga every day. At first I tried to do it as serious as my class always was….this did not work for me. I always made excuses.

After a few weeks of unsuccessful attempts, I began to do the asanas while I killed time in front of the TV. This has helped me immensely. Gone is the seriousness that I thought yoga demanded. I’ve found that I tend to do extended holds during the commercials. Today it was plank. When one analyzes plank-it’s all about strengthening core muscles, upper arm strength, & certainly bending the toes. I really don’t consciously choose which position to hold, rather I allow my body to flow into a position.

I find I do all of the asanas every day, plus extended poses held two to three times a day. Pain is subsiding, I’m much more active & more conscious of what I put into my mouth.

Reinstating yoga in my life has helped with stress; selling our house, & depression; selling our home.

Mother Earth


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