reaching out

I am going Deaf. It was easy to crawl inside my safe walls. Depend on loved ones to interact with the world for me. For many years I lived pretty much like a hermit. With few interactions of people. I turned to my art to communicate. Once I released myself from the expectation of creating a finished product; I began to relax.   The paint began to flow releasing emotions kept deep inside.   I began to understand that to be an artist, one only has to do art. But I kept it to myself.

I was afraid that it would not be accepted as good enough to show. I felt defensive and afraid. Yet I longed to communicate…I longed to share my art.

Then one day while perusing the book shelves, I found myself reading “Show Your Work” by Austin Kleon. I began to wonder, exactly “what is my work” Then I realized that I taught poetry to 4h graders for many years.  I  discovered that it made a lasting impression on at least one person-me. I began to write poems which chronicled my every day. His book enabled me to loosen up a little, to reach out, and at least stick my head outside the box.

Social networking is new for me. I feel like I’m a turtle coming up in water for a breath of air. I’m discovering a whole world that I knew was there; but never reached for… I realized that one can still communicate even if one can’t hear. I’m learning to connect again.


Mother Earth



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