neuroma healing

Finishing this house…I became chief “step & fetch it” person. Toting heavy things up & down uneven ground. I did not listen to my body…& my feet were talking the loudest. In short, I gave my right foot a neuroma. My first response was to “baby” it, but when I did it became worse.

It was then I realized that only conscious movement would make this better. So I began my yoga again…movement helped.

Then, I realized my mind was not helping things. Focusing on pain-only makes pain stronger in one’s mind.   This weakens the body.

 Focus on healing…well heals.

A simple breath exercise…imagining taking the breath in through the toes-up to the knees & back down…has helped tremendously.

Kind of like out with the bad air in with the good….

Really quite silly…..but effective.

Mother Earth



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