A bit…About Pain…

We’re moving. With this move I’ve experienced some physical pain. Last time I moved it was muscle related sciatica. This time it’s inflammation of nerves. At first I thought, oh neuroma…you abused your feet…I did abuse my feet…

Lately I’ve a pain in the pad of my thumb. Reading up it is most likely tendonitis…odd, but the cause is the same as the neuroma…inflamed nerves.

.It’s been 3 months. I’ve done the conventional things to help this neuroma. Ice, stay off foot, massage, nothing has helped. Not till the addition of thumb pad pain, did I realize it was stress than anything. I now know…I have to do something to calm down.

A decade ago I cured my sciatica. I had it for a year. I went to a chiropractor, till his cure hurt too. My physical condition was the same as now…frayed nerves, not teaching yoga, heavier than usual. At that time, staying with my daughter, we took a simple walk. Waiting at the top of the hill, she realized how much pain I was in. Frustrated the next time I opted to stay home & read. She had a book, new age, not sure what the title was, and in this book the woman asked what do you think when you have a pain. Humm-I thought of climbing Kate’s stairs….ow…ow…with each step. Then this author went further…she told me to replace the thought with a phrase….any phrase…I choose love & light. So the next time I climbed the stairs I consciously replace my first thought with “love & light”. I’d like to tell you that the pain got better immediately. It took a week.

At a later visit I told her how I cured myself…her reaction was, “but… was it real?”

My immediate response was, “Does it matter?


Since then I’ve been relatively pain free, till now.

So as of this day-I’m replacing my immediate reaction…ow…with…this phrase;

“obi wan kanobi ”. You see, the content of the phrase is does not matter…what matters is you are disconnecting from the 1st reaction…ow.

I’ll let you know how long it takes this time.


Mother Earth




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