Hiking with a neuroma + husband + the force :}

naturalbridge_groupsbanner1natural-bridge-main Photos: kystateparks.org

To celebrate our anniversary, my husband (Father Time) & I went for a hike. We’ve lived in KY for 10 years now. I’ve always wanted to see the natural bridge. We decided no time like the present. Since I’ve had trouble with my foot, Father Time suggested that we take the lift to the top. However, wanting to test my theory about not attaching to the physical pain of the neuroma (by training my mind to think obi wan knobi instead of ow), I choose to hike. The ascent was a steep ½ mile climb. My foot began complaining before we even left the parking lot. I concentrated & moved on. It wasn’t until we took a longer return trail that my foot seriously began to complain. Surprised that it waited so long…I tried to remember my mantra. Ollie Ollie Oxenfree…kept coming to mind…no good. When I finally came up with obi wan knobie-the pain immediately disappeared. Only to reappear seconds later-repeat mantra-gone again. Wow

This seriously kind of freaks me out. Just recently I met a man who loves sports. He said he had a neuroma…before I could ask he told me the Dr. cut it out…two toes are numb, but he’s happy. I’m a little leery of cortisone shots….he opted for surgery. Inspired I’ve made up my mind to reduce inflammation, by eating more, ginger, salmon, leafy green veggies & continue my mind over matter experiment.  I know what I am gaining….back to hiking

What have I got to lose?

Mother Earth




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