We finally met someone, who has a neuroma, that helped.

Power of the mind for pain management helped, but did not eliminate inflammation.

Funny how one forgets what they know….this man has neuromas in his legs. He told us that he takes high amounts of B12. So we tootled to our local Rainbow Blossom store & bought supplements. I take 3 mega B stress tablets a day plus, another 1000 mg of B12.

I have taken supplements for 2 weeks.

This has helped immensely…yesterday it occurred to me that with this move, I have not been cooking as much…thus…my intake of garlic has not been the same. So I cooked up an omelet & put in it 2 cloves of garlic.  This morning all sensation of pain is gone.

I  now know…that just because everything is out of kilter & my control-does not mean my eating habits have to be this way.  I know what to eat in order to stay healthy….I just have to do it.

I’m still surprised when diet & exercise succeed…when my mind fails….


Mother Earth


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