M.E. mid-Winter Blues

To anyone out there who wonders where Mother Earth has been…truth is I got swallowed by a big hole. Winter here in the north can be a bit different. It started with my hair falling out, one thin stand at a time. I figured it was stress. Feeling I the need to get out…meet people…I took a cross country ski lesson. I was not very good at it. I fell backward & dislocated my radius. Oddly enough I did meet people-nice ones. My scheduled yoga class occurred the night after I did this. I figured teaching with a dislocated bone, would really drive home the fact that one does not need to be perfect to do yoga. Only two people showed…the right two people. These towns are so connected & so small, everyone knows everything about everyone. Getting approval from the right two meant that my classes would be accepted. It meant I could release my breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding. I’m beginning to feel like myself again…I’m beginning to feel home here.

Mother Earth


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