I’m at a time in my life where I’m ready for something new.

I’m a poet, artist & yoga instructor.

This blog will follow my trip on the Appalachian Trail.

Several well-meaning people have questioned the wisdom of me hiking.

I made up my mind while talking to a well-known poet. I told him that I was going to hike but that I might get off at the first stop. His reply was, “Well I wouldn’t get on any trail I couldn’t get off of.”

At that point I decided to go.


It’s been a year since I’ve updated this page.  A lot has happened.  I walked through GA.  My  pack was too heavy for my 60 yr old knees, but I’ve developed a taste for backpacking.

I’ve continued to observe nature & write poetry.  My husband & I are moving to The White Mountains in New Hampshire.   He has a new job & I have 47 more Mountains to climb.  I plan to write & take my travel water color set on each hike.  That’s the plan….we’ll see what happens 🙂

WELL….what happens when I try & paint outdoors…bugs…so hot-I drink my paint water… and many other excuses.  However, there are so many amazing places to photograph & keep in my soul… to emerge as they are ready in my paintings.

A work in progress.  Aren’t we all?



We don’t do

Out of fear

of what we think

will happen

We will never

give ourselves

a Chance

to be



Mother Earth



One thought on “About

  1. I think it is so cool that you are going with Katie on this journey. Be careful, take it slow and steady, you got this. I would love to hear about this adventure when ever you have time to tell it.


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