spring bouquet still blooms

up the colder mountain top

summer waits a day.


Mother Earth


Captain Planet & Mother Earth

One skinny Captain Planet & a rather pudgy Mother Earth will meet soon.  All the way across the country….at the base of the snowy Sierras.

If you have not found C.P.’s site chronologging  her P.C.T. hike with Flask….go to captain planet P.C.T.Word Press   Amazing photos….I can’t wait to hear tales.   they have hiked through intense heat & now ice climbing.  Mother Earth has indeed worried a bit.



A quaint tradition of the A.T. is to name its travelers.  Along the trail as we met through hikers, they asked “What’s your name.  Many replied…I don’t have a hiking name, yet, just my real name.  With my hearing disorder, my trail buddy many times held conversation for both of us.  One such conversation occurred s we met a woman going south on the trail.  I couldn’t hear much of what she said, but I gathered she was walking the trail in spurts.  After my daughter introduced me as Yoga Mama, she smiled then proceeded to inform us that we can name ourselves, but along the trail the other hikers will rename us.  This last remark was made after a rather pointed look at my missing front tooth.

She intimated that a nickname would reflect what she considered a weakness.  You see I had surgery less than a month ago. A steel post was inserted into my gum.  It takes several months to heal.  Walking I did not feel the need to be anything other than what I am….even if part of it is…toothless & quite Deaf.  To date she was the only hiker who thought this would matter.  What she was not aware of is just how strong my tooth will be when finished.   As for becoming Deaf, it has done nothing but made me tough.  Being around hearing people, conversing with those who wish to make the effort and being comfortable being alone in a crowd, I find it makes others more uncomfortable than it does me.  Maintaining my sense of self worth is paramount, I’m still me.

What I did discover as we hiked along was that “through hikers” were all supportive.  They accepted things as they are without question.  We are all in this together…all doing the same “tough thing”.

My hiking buddy did acquire a new name.  She has a penchant for picking up litter.  This says a lot, since she has to haul it out & dispose of it herself.  Her name is Captain Planet.  It suits her.

One night during a particular scary thunderstorm, we were arguing…I indignantly told her I, “I am still your mother”.  To my surprise she looked back at me & laughed.  “Yes, you are my mother” she stated,

I“You are Mother Earth!”.

I feel honored to be named and renamed by one of the best backpackers know, my daughter.